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Subject:  Re: Painless Migraines Date:  2/6/2006  10:06 PM
Author:  nikita02445 Number:  260 of 277

I don't get classical auras, but I have what I call 'constellation symtoms' that sometimes last for days but never develop into a you say annoying, and distracting for driving and working, and also make me feel kind of generally lousy.
Mine is kind of a 'rush of blood to the head' every couple of minutes (thanks to Coldplay for finally helping me to put a name to it). My eyes get kind of a light pressure feeling and maybe shift for a split second, a whirring in my ears like a seashell sound, and a kind of dizzy feeling for a couple heart beats, baabumm, baabumm, then not again for a minute or two.

Unfortunately, what seems to work, is what works for the migraines - the stuff that shrinks, or opens your blood vessels. Unfortunatley that stuff comes bundled with either a mild sedative (Midrin) or a barbituate (Fiorinal). Have you tried taking Imitrex, Maltex or the newer Axert or does that seem like overkill? (I can't tolerate those sumatripans, so I'm stuck with the ones that make you stupid and sleepy).

Also - I got new lights in my cubicle at work that have a spectrum closer to daylight - and I assume you have the low-flicker monitors - those things have helped me.
The fluorescent bulbs are from Duralite (I may have to check on that) and are called Vistalite or something. And I'd have to look up the Kelvins for you. I want to say somewhere between 3000-5000.
It's a much whiter light than the yellowish ones that are standard in most offices.
I also have switched all the lights in my home to the Reveal bulbs and this has made a huge difference.

Hope something in here helps you...
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