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Subject:  About this board Date:  2/14/2006  12:25 PM
Author:  Australopithecus Number:  2 of 27

Greetings fellow fools!

I requested this board because today's science fiction has a way of becoming tomorrow's reality. Advances in science and technology are constantly creating new industries that often defy categorization under any current terminology - who could have predicted a market for podcasting thirty years ago?

While traditional fields of study (biology, chemistry, physics etc.)
advance more or less incrementally, the truly stunning breakthroughs
often seem to occur at the intersections of these disciplines or from their application in areas hitherto considered to be unrelated - for example, consider that I might soon be able to purchase a movie ticket securely by exploiting quantum entanglement?

I would like "Brave New World" to be a discussion board for looking over the horizon at future technologies that have the potential to change the way we communicate, get around, generate energy, treat disease etc. and what impact they might have on current technologies and industries.

BTW: Like the Fools themselves, Aldous Huxley borrowed from Shakespeare, so "Brave New World" does seem particularly appropriate here.

In the hope that a good time will be had by all.



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