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Subject:  Re: 100 million Americans cant be wrong Date:  2/15/2006  6:12 PM
Author:  Goofyhoofy Number:  140239 of 178762

Afterall, Republicans deserve to be spied on, don't they? But if a Republican president follows the advice of his Attorney General on stopping terrorist activities, then suddenly that is an impeachable offense.

Oh please, cut the histrionics. The FBI file imbroglio was investigated by Ken Starr. He spent $50 million dollars investigating it. When he asked to interview Hillary Clinton, she sat down with him within days. No executive privilege was called, there was no stonewalling, an actual interview took place. A low level staffer was implicated, and he was fired within days. And what did Ken Starr find out about it? Well, after spending all that money, nothing. Exactly - nothing. You can look it up. His report is public information.

Now, the president isn't "stopping terrorist activities". He is using thousands of wiretaps for which he clearly could not show "probable cause", the basic constitutional test which has been in place for 200 years. If he could show probably cause, he would, and he would go to the FISA court, as he did, and as Clinton did, and as Reagan did, and as Carter did after the law was passed.

Instead we have a President who has decided the law - and the Constitution - are inconvenient, and that he knows better; and he has installed an Attorney General who has decided that the President is King, and has written opinions saying that the President doesn't have to follow the law.. He has decided that torture is OK, even if innocents are swept up in it. The President has decided that cherry picking intelligence is a fine idea, that telling the rest of the world to go spit in their hat is wonderful politics, that black is white and up is down.

And you and Thomas Sowell sit there applauding, knowing in your heart that if a Democratic President were doing the exact same thing you would be howling like a banshee and crying to your mama all the way home.


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