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Subject:  Tolerence A One Way Street for Muslims Date:  2/19/2006  4:20 PM
Author:  MrCynic Number:  899772 of 2207086

The dominant idea in the Muslims' worldwide view is that all of humanity must obey the rules of their religion, whereas they owe no respect to the religions of others. Indeed, showing such respect would make them apostates meriting instant execution. Muslim “tolerance” is a one-way street; they demand it for themselves but rarely extend it to others.

Anxious to show tolerance, the Pope permitted – even encouraged – the erection of a mosque in Rome, the city where Saint Peter is buried. But no Christian church could be built in Mecca, or anywhere in Saudi Arabia, for that would profane the land of Muhammad

Those who do not tolerate the religious beliefs others have no right to demand it for themselves.

Here's a picture that says it all: A Muslim man who openly expresses his contempt for the very freedom of speech that allows him to say such offensive things and requires that the police defend his right to do so. Astonishing, and contemptible.

Scroll down for the picture.

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