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Subject:  Re: Tolerence A One Way Street for Muslims Date:  2/20/2006  10:03 AM
Author:  Ahote Number:  899979 of 2207124

Hum. Maybe your perspective of the Crusades has to do with your obsession of seeing only what you want to see.

The perspective of the crusades was very clear: Western Kings sought to either rebuild their dwindeling fortunes or ingratiate themselves with the POpe, i.e. god by mounting large armies and invading the Middle East under the guise of fighting for Christianity.

Your list from Wikipedia posted in

Salongi: I don't see the Inquisition or The Crusades listed there at all.

Is horribly inaccurate. If you had done any research whatsoever you would know that the death tolls from the crusades were quite horrific but were very hard to document. Here is a link with regards to that:

Crusades (1095-1291)
Estimated totals:
Wertham: 1,000,000
Charles Mackay, Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds (1841): 2,000,000 Europeans killed. []
Aletheia, The Rationalist's Manual: 5,000,000
Individual Events:
Davies: Crusaders killed up to 8,000 Jews in Rhineland
Paul Johnson A History of the Jews (1987): 1,000 Jewish women in Rhineland comm. suicide to avoid the mob, 1096.
Gibbon, Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, v.5, 6
1st Crusade: 300,000 Eur. k at Battle of Nice [Nicea].
Crusaders vs. Solimon of Roum: 4,000 Christians, 3,000 Moslems
1098, Fall of Antioch: 100,000 Moslems massacred.
50,000 Pilgrims died of disease.
1099, Fall of Jerusalem: 70,000 Moslems massacred.
Siege of Tiberias: 30,000 Christians k.
Siege of Tyre: 1,000 Turks
Richard the Lionhearted executes 3,000 Moslem POWs.
1291: 100,000 Christians k after fall of Acre.
Fall of Christian Antioch: 17,000 massacred.
[TOTAL: 677,000 listed in these episodes here.]

I don't accept the extremist reactions to the cartoons, but pretending the crusades killed no one is just plain silly and pretending it didn't have an effect is stupid. Even today, children in Syria are told, if they are misbehaving, that Malek Rishar is going to come and get them: King Richard, known for his brutal massacres of muslim prisoners.

Again, to quote you: "what goes around, must come around" and we are unfortunately reaping what our ancestors sowed.

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