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Subject:  Re: Tolerence A One Way Street for Muslims Date:  2/20/2006  10:42 AM
Author:  TVKFool Number:  899993 of 2207753

It seems that tolerant Muslims are the exception.

well if you only write articles and shine the light on the really radical ones, then yeah the tolerant muslims are the exception.
The article only mentions one country, which isn't enough to condemn all muslims. There were no riots in US. There are many muslim clerics and normal muslim people out there that are just as outraged by the riots and the intolerance of the rioters. Except they don't make the news. Who would buy a newspaper with the headline "Muslim man has caused absolutely no problems whatsover".

What boggles my mind is all these people condemn the intolerance of these people while their own religious is just as unjust. All you christians look around and wonder how come your christian charity only goes as far as trying to convert a person, or another christian person. I can't tell you how many times I was called names (including "you're the devil") by people that then turn around and say "love thy neighbor". You just don't notice it, because you are part of that majority and none of the intolerance is directed towards you. Of course Jews are no better. I was told I didn't have a right to live because I'm not a full blooded jew. Called a traitor to my people because I don't follow judaism and even go so far as dare dilute my jewish DNA even further by dating christian boys. Once again you only notice those things from the outside. On the inside it's nice and cheerful and everybody is a good little meek jew.

Everybody has flaws. Everyone has their own little prejudices. Every religion/nation/ethnicity has its radicals that make normal people ashamed of their own religion/nation/ethnicity. How are we more tolerant that the muslims if we make posts like these? Or is saying/implying that all Muslims are intolerant brutes part of that "love they neighbor" commandment?

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