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Subject:  Re: Cash out Bleeding Roth IRA to get out of Deb Date:  2/27/2006  10:32 PM
Author:  exoticatom Number:  222253 of 312188

Going to school part time while working and volunteering hasn't been easy- but I don't feel I have much of a choice right now. As you pointed out, getting into vet school isn't easy, statistically it's 10xs harder in this country to become a Vet than a Dr. I know this- but I let myself be deterred once before by people telling me I couldn't do it. I'm not willing to listen to them anymore. I was put on this earth for a purpose and I'm willing to do what it takes to get there:) I don't have a choice about putting off any of my activities. The average applicant has approximately 1300 hours of animal volunteer experience. To be perfectly honest, I started volunteering because I had to- but, now, I give everything I can to them (time, money, administrative support, etc), because of how much they have enriched my life. And yes, I have kept my 4.0 so far (Bio, Labs, Chem, Calc, Stat- big bad Orgo is next yr). I don't think it's as unrealistic, to try, as other people have made it out to be. But I'll only find out if I try:)

I'm well aware that if by some miracle I do get into vet school, I will not have time, $, or sleep. But those are things that I have gotten used to doing relatively without anyway. I'm not scared.

Hey l/i -

Having bailed out of a well-paid job to go back to school myself, I heartily applaud the notion! After starting out as an engineer, I did a night masters in applied physics, then went back and chased particles full time because that was what I wanted to do. I was also told that I shouldn't take the chance and probably couldn't cut it - including by my grad school advisor. The transition was wrenching, the level of work almost killing, the poverty abject - but the adventure exalting and the overall experience beyond price. One of the main things that kept me going was the knowledge that I wasn't supposed to make it - having disregarded such advice there was no option of an honorable retreat!

Quitting work and going back to school to pursue something you really love is much more of a life-changing experience than a few grand sitting in your Roth (or not) will ever be; if you decide to go for it - and it sounds like you should - then you need to really go for it, total commitment, nothing held back - life is for the living! (Much more than it is for the counting, but sounds like you have already figured this out.)

Night school while working is really tough, if you're beating your way through a real science program - you'll never do as well at learning the things you need, let alone knocking down the grades and test scores to land a slot in vet school, as you would if you burn the bridges and march off into the unknown, towards your future - I watched people much more talented than I was fall by the wayside from trying to hold down a job on the side - it's just too easy to try and juggle your time just a bit more, and real learning is just too hard. You'll have plenty of time to earn money later - and there's way more to life than money anyway. (A simple truth which often seems to get lost on these boards.)

Oh, and one final piece of advice, which most of us learn waaaay to late - sleep is king! Trust me, your brain will work much better on a good night's sleep than it will on a few more hours of late night cramming... I repeated that experiment many times!

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