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Subject:  Re: Treasury Direct Question Date:  3/31/2006  12:45 AM
Author:  WendyBG Number:  16018 of 36330

I set up a Treasury Direct account, linked to two of my checking accounts. One was from a credit union, the other was my cash account at Fidelity. The link was immediate. No signature was required.

When I tried to set up a linkage to my Vanguard money market account, the link failed. Whereas the other checking accounts have a unique routing and account number, Vanguard gives the same account number to all the accounts, and distinguishes them by assigning each different fund number. This won't work, with Treasury Direct. The only way to transfer money from Vanguard to Treasury Direct would be by check.

After buying a couple of bills via Treasury Direct, I discovered that Fidelity lists the 3 and 6 month T-Bills on Thursday (the sale is on Monday). Fidelity doesn't charge a commission, for buying T-Bills, at the next auction. I like ordering via Fidelity better than T Direct, for a few reasons.
1. The order is on the next Fidelity statement. T-Direct doesn't send a statement.

2. Fidelity lets you buy T-Bills from your IRA. You can't set up an IRA account, in T-Direct (AFAIK).

3. Ditto for trusts.

It seems that the answer to your question depends upon the exact nature of your source account, since another board member reported that he needed a notarized signature. I didn't need this, either buying from T-Direct from my checking accounts, or buying T-Bills via Fidelity.


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