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Subject:  Re: Asset Allocation Date:  4/9/2006  5:50 PM
Author:  Matt1344 Number:  51010 of 88103

"From what I can tell only Cliff and Alan are retired.."

Hi Greg,

Gee, I'm wondering "(except for one individual)" is that me 'cause in my post #50961 "I went to part time work in '97 and fully retired this January..." ;-/ (added emphasis)

Anyhow... As to strategy... Hmmm, try not to spend more than I have comes to mind. I won't repeat my story as I have posted enough recently, so in a nut shell, I learned to live below my means as a start, after having lived paycheck to paycheck until I was 41. I have no where near what Cliff has and so far I'm doing all right. One thing I decided I needed was a paid off house. Again from post #50961, ".. bought in Dec '82 and paid it off by Aug '92... "

I wanted to be able to live on Social Security alone and I can do that, keep the wants simple for the most part and little or no debt.

Portfolio wise...

Bonds ~22% (most all AAA) yielding ~6%
Cash ~27%
Stocks ~51% (Holdings listed in my profile)Gold/silver related securities ~18% ( I may move more into cash soon )

Monthly investment in gym membership... keep the body fit as long as possible... may reduce medical costs down the line ;-)

Enjoy life along the way, you may not live to see a retirement day... not to be blunt about it but life is like that, step off a curb one day and a dang bus runs over you... You're feeling fine and out of the blue the doc has some bad news...

All the best in your journey.

Regards, Ken ("As Tim McGraw sings, "I hope you get the chance to live like you were dying.")
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