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Subject:  Re: Local DSL vs Comcast Cable Date:  4/13/2006  9:04 PM
Author:  TwoCybers Number:  32602 of 68694

Loki there is no difference between the Mac and the PC world once you get to the wire (or wireless signal) outside the box. The software within a Mac or a PC gives different names and different pictures on the screen.

Visit the Help with this Stupid Computer Board. There are almost weekly threads on how to hook up and other common events.

That said, your best reference is: Go there and join. It is free so long as you never try to post from more then 1 PC. As soon as you use a second PC, you have to register and pay -- costs $10. It is a pain to get to pay the $10 if you screw up.

I have had DSL and Comcast multiple times for both. I have had DSL from multiple service providers. In my