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Subject:  Re: Local DSL vs Comcast Cable Date:  4/14/2006  4:15 PM
Author:  4aapl Number:  32625 of 70508

What I din't know was whether there are any security issues with Airport (basically about 20 feet from my desk to the phone jack in the bedroom) like with Wifi. This is really just a desire to get rid of wires.

Airport is just Apple's name for wireless. They are the same thing (use the same standards, etc). An Airport base station is more expensive than most non-Apple wireless routers, but like has been said it's normally easier to set up and to add more secure functions to.

For instance, someone posted in the last couple days that they made a password on their wireless router and it gave them a different set of numbers/letters that they had to use. I'm fairly certain that on the airport basestation, that it lets you use the actual password that you entered, which is very helpful if you are entering it more than once.

So your new Mac would have an "airport card" in it, but it's just wireless so it could work with either an Apple Basestation or a different brand's wireless router. Basically you'd be looking for something with 802.11g, but that should be basically any wireless router out there these days.

Personally, I prefer using ethernet cables. But I've enabled the wireless portion of my SMC router from time to time if I am using a laptop from work or something.

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