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Subject:  Re: Capital One Never Stops Date:  4/27/2006  3:45 PM
Author:  Shirtless1 Number:  226791 of 312185

You absolutely can enforce this. You can take it to small claims court and get an order for them to cease and desist. You can contact your start Consumer Protection department of Attorney General's office. Furthermore you can send them a cease and desist letter, mentioning the above FDCPA section, and telling them that they either validate your debt or stop collection and remove it from your report immediately.

I will do just this if the credit bureaus do not find with me (provided I can still find that little registered letter tag - it's been a year and I'm not an accountant or a lawyer. Normal people have a hard time keeping track of a tiny piece of paper for a whole year). You are more generous to them in assuming the letter was lost. I assumed the worst that it was a coven of evil doers who not only read the letter, but passed it around and laughed at it maniacally before tossing it in the fire.

Perhaps a more reasonable view of the world and this system will serve me better here.

But what do people who aren't member of the Motley Fool do? They are all being screwed.

And I'm still not convinced it's not a coven of evil doers.

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