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Subject:  Re: Pms Date:  5/6/2006  11:09 AM
Author:  mickaelangelo Number:  27087 of 45959

This is going beyond the pale. Since when are logic,reason, and the blazing FACTS a methud to beat someone up? I thank people like vee,doc, often shelia for telling fact even when I dont wanna here it cuz it makes me better. Apparently most and the reckers want to live apeasing the picle rather than deal with it. I ain't you, I see a problem and fix it, including my own, excluding those I still wresel with. My fight is not to be appeased but to be better.

You wallowing in demands of accceptance of bad behavyor have my pity.

My pity in this circumstance lasts about one second.

An I bet none of you read this thru,

White Guilt and the Western Past
Why is America so delicate with the enemy?

Post 27078.

Sissifyed feminised america, I ain't.


I read it through.

The bottom line is you need to get your woman under control. You have nothing to apologize for, you didn't do anything wrong here. You are the boss, and at this point in time you had better be the boss. Yield to no one; it shall be as you say.

Make sure she understands - in no uncertain terms - that you will not be balked: she shall, not now and not ever, treat you the way she tried to treat you, ever again. Furthermore she shall not attempt this nonsense again; she will get herself to the Dr. and get treated for this periodic insubordination and she will not attempt it again. Not now, and not ever, on pain of the most severe penalties.

It is very hard to demand and enforce respectful behavior, in an environment where the inmates run the asylum, the pmsing wives are in charge, and the concept of respect is obsolete. Nevertheless, if one wants to keep the peace and tranquility of his home, this is what one must do.

Be a man, for crissakes.

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