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Subject:  Some Fooliversary This Was Date:  5/9/2006  4:43 PM
Author:  TMF2Aruba Number:  77870 of 86647


Well, not the most pleasant of days today. But it certainly was a first.

Today, after almost twenty-five years teaching, this was the first time I actually went down. Literally.

Right after lunch, returning to my classroom, I noticed a huge commotion down the hall. That, combined with some screaming quickly made me realize there was a fight in progress (Clever, ain't I?).

So, Here I come to save the day.

I go running towards the crowd and see two girls on the floor trying to mutilate a third. I rush in and pull the main aggressor off and try to restrain her. Here's where the aforementioned "first" comes in.

Instead of calming herself down, or at the very least trying to get away to continue the fight, the girl starts attacking me. She punching me on the head as I'm trying to maneuver her away. Then (here's the other "first"), I go down--banging my knee on the floor. I made sure I took her down with me though. I continued holding on to this girl which was like trying to restrain a wild animal until finally, security arrives and takes her.

The assistant principal shows up (I knew it was him by the brown pants he had on) without even realizing I was there. He looks down, sees me and says, "Tony, are you okay?"

I said, "Uh, no."

He yells into his walkie-talkie for the nurse to come,