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Subject:  Re: Belief in .... something. Date:  5/20/2006  1:42 PM
Author:  0x6a74 Number:  477 of 492

It sounds interesting, but I don't get it. So if UU is based on some kind of faith, faith in what? And if it's based on some kind of faith, why would true atheists be interested? My understanding is that atheists need proof for everything, which is the antithesis of faith.

"proof for everything" is a bit strong (strong enough they'd be fightin' words at AF <g>)

"evidence for everything, especially things not directly observable" *might* be closer.

but with any label.... there are variations.

i've always thought UU was a place to get the Social Benefits of a Church without any particular belief/faith required. So an Atheist who wasn't overly hostile to religious types, could have a place to go hang out on Sunday. The only Hindu in town would have a place to go where his/her faith was respected. Definitely a place for someone who believes in "something". A place for the eclectic & other minority religious.

but looking at the site's FAQ

they sound more like hyper-tolerant Christians. ....but it might depend on the particular congregation.

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