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Subject:  Re: Belief in .... something. Date:  6/1/2006  4:47 AM
Author:  Tarasicodissa Number:  479 of 492

Can the observation that we all chase
not be considered a trace?

I'm not quite sure I got you right, but I believe that what you mean is : Because humanity worldwide has held a belief in the existence of some kind of God(s) ever since recorded history, then it is very likely that some kind of God really exists (outside of man's imagination)

If one looks back at the records of the various religions and also contemporary beliefs then the belief in God is only a part of a much larger belief in supernatural events. Magic, ghosts and many other superstitious beliefs like good and bad properties attached to numbers , weekdays etc... etc... These superstitions are at least as old and widespread as the belief in God.

Many of the various superstitious beliefs have been/are diminishing in the western industrialized world, as they conflict with rational thought. Similar to the way church attendance and religious belief diminish in the same environment.
Yet, even in our modern world, superstition and belief in spirits and magic is still very much alive.

So if the premise is true ( belief in God is inherent in the human psyche, therefore it is real ) then this should also be true for many superstitious beliefs. There is no distinct separation between God/religion and Spirits/superstition in the popular belief throughout the ages and regions.

As there hasn't been a single verifiable occurrence of any one of the various magical and superstitious beliefs, I can only conclude that the statement
(IF humanity worldwide has always believed something THEN there is some external truth to the something )

can be rejected with high confidence.

But then maybe that was not what you meant and I've answered the wrong question ?

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