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Subject:  Re: Weird Euphoria Date:  6/15/2006  1:04 PM
Author:  ajs56 Number:  229725 of 312155

{{{One of the things I strive to do is to maintain control over the things that give me pleasure. I don't want advertisers and fashion mongers controlling the things I find pleasurable and the things I want and desire. Nor do I want my friends, neighbors or relatives to have that kind of control with comments or expectations.

By contrast, I can take pleasure in things I find worthwhile, even when they are things I'm interested in and most other people would find trivial or useless.}}}

I couldn't agree more with SP's comments above. Dial in to what pleases you and gives you satisfaction, whether or not it is the latest "must-have" or "must-do" thing. If you are generally Foolish, most times it will be something rather inexpensive that gives you pleasure. DW and I like garage saling, tending the yard and garden, cooking at home, etc. But we have also worked hard and LBOM long enough that our finances allow us the luxury of dining out or getting away when we feeel the need for that. We take pride in our garage sale grille, hand tools, and even clothes. Not that we wear shabby clothes, but when we find something we like for pennies on the dollar, we like it even more!

Determine what YOU like and don't be afraid to march to your own drum.

Best wishes.

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