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Subject:  Improve the Fool FAQ Date:  6/19/2006  11:29 AM
Author:  TMFTwitty Number:  70656 of 90123

Improve the Fool Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Improve the Fool Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)!
The Improve the Fool folder is designed exclusively for your ideas and suggestions on ways we can improve the Motley Fool service. Is our web page easy or hard to navigate? Is there a special tool that you don't see here that you'd like to see? Have you seen cool stuff on another financial site that you'd like to suggest to us?

We're very interested in making this site a perfect reflection of everything you want and need, so please jot down your ideas here.

We may not be able to answer every single post, but we're reading all of them and will offer updates on improvements often.

I have a few questions on the “Community Boards”.
This is a great place to start:
Community Membership Q&A

How to find Ask a Foolish Question:

If you have a question about the Motley Fool philosophy or an investment strategy, you might try asking at the Ask A Foolish Question (AFQ) discussion board, where trained Fools are waiting to answer any question under the sun. First read through the FAQ, then click on “Post New” if you do not see an answer to your question:

Questions about the My Fool tab:

Questions about how to use My Fool can be asked at the My Fool message board. First read through the FAQ, then click on “Post New” if you do not see an answer to your question:

Questions about My Portfolio:

The Fool no longer offers a portfolio tracking service onsite, but our partners over at Yahoo! Finance maintain a free tool for everyone to use:

Logging into the Discussion Boards and My Fool:

For questions on Logging in or out of TMF:
Also check out the FAQ for the community discussion boards:

Cookie Questions:

If you'd like to read TMF's opinion of cookies, please click here:

How do I send e-mail to another Fool?

If you'd like to send a reply post to a Fool, just click the "E-Mail this Reply to the Author" check box at the bottom of the reply area. If you'd like it to be a private reply, just uncheck the "Post this Reply to the Boards" box. If you would like to send a copy of your reply to someone other than the author of the post you are replying to, simply enter the email address into the “Mail these Addresses Privately” box.

A few points on this:

----If the Fool has you in their penalty box, they will not receive the email.
----Your email address will be transmitted to the poster. If you do not want someone to have your email address, do not use this feature.
----The Fool Rules apply to email transmissions sent via the Fool boards. Do not use the email function to harass another poster.
----If you receive harassing email from the Fool boards, please forward the complete email (intact) to

How do I mark a board as All Read?

If you want to mark an individual message board as read, you will need to go to the “Favorites” page. (Click on the Faves:New Messages link on My Fool or Favorites & Replies link on the message boards.) You can now click on the 'Mark Read' link for the board.

You can also go to the individual board and read the final post. Where you see “Number: xxx of yyyyy”, click on the “yyyyy” number.

How do I report Spammers or other objectionable posts?

To bring a post to the attention of the Motley Fool, just hit the Problem Post link, and it will be reviewed. You have the opportunity to add a comment or two to the submission form.

Why are posts pulled? What are the Fool Standards:

Here's where to read up on the Fool Standards everyone agreed to abide by when they registered:

What are all of these Lucky Charms that I see next to posters' names? How do I make bold and italic? What else do I need to know?

This link will take you to the bells and whistles of the Fool boards:
You will also want to visit here for more links to help with the discussion boards:

How do I change the subject of a reply?

If you want to start a new thread title, just use the Post New button. You can still include material from a previous thread by cutting and pasting it into your message.

How do I change my e-mail address?

Click on the My Fool tab and choose modify your private profile, (near the bottom of the page). Click on Change: Email Address, and follow the instructions to change it! If you are receiving any of the free email subscriptions, these will be changed at the same time. Please note that when you change your email address, your account will be deactivated until you click on the link in the confirmation email that will be sent to the new address.

Can I edit/delete a previous post?

You can review and edit a post you are currently writing by using the Preview Reply and Edit Reply buttons, however once submitted, you cannot personally edit or delete the post. If you feel strongly about deleting it, you can click the Problem Post link and send a note to the Community Fools, asking for it to be deleted.

What does the Penalty Box do?

The Penalty Box gives you the option of filtering out the posts of an individual poster. If you would like to ignore the posts of a certain fool, just click on the frowny face on one of their posts or profile. The Penalty Box can be turned on and off in the Customize area.

How do I know if someone is ignoring me?

We actually had this feature at one time and it was viewable only to the individual person. People were a bit disturbed by it and we decided to do away with it. The community spoke :)

How can I tell who loves me? (Favorite Fools)

Enter your user name into the “Author” box (below every message) and click on the “Show me who loves me!” link.

Switching from Threaded to Unthreaded (and back):

Sometimes a particular link in a TMF article will be in threaded mode for clarity. If you find yourself in threaded or unthreaded mode unexpectedly, you change this by clicking on the appropriate link.

Can I use the keyboard to go to the next post instead of my mouse?

Yes, you can! In case you missed the announcement, here is a post that lists the keyboard shortcuts. Please note that this may not work with all browsers.

I want to read TMF offline. I want full search. I want an unlimited supply of recommends. I think trial customers should be able to post to the boards. I want private boards. I want graveyard boards. I want my little blue Fool cap back!

All community suggestions are considered, but for obvious reasons, not all suggestions can be implemented. Please feel free to engage in constructive dialogue about the features that are important to you. From time to time, we may send out surveys, have focus groups, have popup surveys, or use other tools to get feedback from the community. Your participation is much appreciated.

Why is the TMF site so slow?

If you are experiencing delays on, first check the little grayed out numbers at the bottom of the page. It should look something like this: 125ms. This number is the time it takes for the TMF servers to return the page. If this number seems reasonable, but you are still experiencing slowness, then you should do a traceroute to see if you can determine where the slow down is occurring. To complete a traceroute:

Traceroute Instructions

(Windows 3.1)

1. Get online
2. Go to the "Main" program group and double-click on the "DOS" icon. A DOS-style window will open.
3. Type "cd C:\TEMP" (without the quotes) and press the ENTER key. The prompt should now look like "C:\TEMP> ".
4. Type "tracert > trace1.txt" (without the quotes) and press ENTER.
5. Wait until the command completes - it will take anywhere from a few seconds to over a minute. You will know the traceroute is complete when the command prompt reappears.
6. Type "tracert > trace2.txt" (without the quotes) and press ENTER.
7. Wait until the command completes - it will take anywhere from a few seconds to over a minute. You will know the traceroute is complete when the command prompt reappears.
8. Type "exit" and press the ENTER key. The DOS-style window will c