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Subject:  Re: Penalty for Payment sent with return on 4/17 Date:  6/22/2006  1:40 AM
Author:  gurdison Number:  87510 of 127549

<What if someone certifiably mails an empty envelope to the IRS on the due date and uses the certified mail receipt for such proof?>

We are talking about penalties and interest here. You would still owe whatever balance that was originally due. Even if you claim the empty envelope contained a return, you do not get a free pass on any amount owed. Additionally, any payment made would normally go to a different location. So you would be claiming that even though both mailings got to their destination they were somehow magically emptied along the way. I would suspect that if you continued making such claims and you had a rather large original balance due that you may well be called in for an audit.

Sending an empty envelope may buy you some time, but I don't see a long line of people getting over by using it. If you don't have the money to pay your current bill, you are much better off initiating some sort of payment plan from the beginning rather than trying the equivalent of "the dog ate my tax return" excuse. I do remember we have had many discussions in the past related to this subject. Maybe Phil, Ira or some others may want to weigh in again on this.

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