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Subject:  Re: The Cost Basis Crisis Date:  7/3/2006  9:11 AM
Author:  bacon Number:  87647 of 127636

No. You are being asked to back up what you put down on your return.
Strictly legally, you're correct, as I said at the outset. And if I were being so invited by my employer, that's all it would be. However, when it's the government's invitation, there's the smell of accusation about it--even where the government truly does not intend that--due to the government's past misbehaviors. Can anyone say "HUAC?"

Unless or until congress changes things, the burden of proof remains on the taxpayer to prove their information is correct. It is not on them to prove you are wrong.
Which is exactly my point.

When it [the IRS' shiny, new, modern computer system] was finished (exactly to spec) none of the systems could actually communicate with eachother.
And no IRS MFWIC was held accountable for this, either. And us private citizens, individually or as a group, ought not be held accountable for a government bureaucracy's refusal [sic] to perform.

Much like children who want to know where the boundaries are, many taxpayers push the envelope as far as they can.
And this is illegal, how? Would you prefer a society of submissive sheep who just sit quietly and do no exploration at all? To be sure, like children who go too far with their explorations, the adults who exceed the legal limits need to be reined in, but otherwise, this is simply frustrating behavior--not illegal, and certainly not justifying of governmental fishing expeditions.

Knowing that they are attempting to do such things should keep those who may otherwise stray in line.
I disagree. They already do these sorts of things, and it's ineffective--because the IRS so clearly doesn't understand its own tax code--see my earlier remarks about the tax man's advice. I certainly don't feel better because these suboptimal attempts are ongoing.
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