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Subject:  Re: Can I afford this house? Date:  7/3/2006  10:48 PM
Author:  lmichelle Number:  230929 of 312214

I'm not a SAHM anymore. I went back to work PT in January - much to the dismay of DH. When we moved here we really expected an easier lifestyle but obviously we didn't choose one!

I'm a nurse so I make a decent salary. I love my job and I love working; so much easier to be at work than at home to be honest! And I feel better bringing home a paycheck, even a small one. So I'm not really willing to give up work to lose the daycare cost. Also nursing is one of those careers that you have to keep up the skills - if you don't use it you lose it, so I can't afford to lose it. Two years that I stayed home was enough to make me rusty.

I think it really hurt DH's ego when I went back to work because he thinks he should be able to provide for us. And he can, he makes a great living. But we just made some bad choices that we have to fix.

I think in his mind he would have preferred I wait till my 1yo is in kindergarten. But I couldn't sleep at night knowing the debt is just waiting for me.

He's having a hard time getting on board with this budget business. We have been allotting ourselves $100/week each for fun, food, etc. And if we don't use it all in a week it rolls over so we can plan to go out to eat or whatever. We use Debit for groceries and gas... which is probably a bad plan since he seems to find any reason to go to the grocery store for Gatorade, munchies, etc and lets it fall under the grocery heading for needing the debit card.

I really would go back to work full time just to pay off our debt. But DH makes double my salary and he gets plenty of OT opportunity. So it makes more sense for him to work more. I may consider working Saturdays though just for the time being to see if that helps. I have to say if it hurts the family and/or my marriage it's just not worth it.

I appreciate all the advice!!!
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