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Subject:  Is this not Hell? Date:  7/5/2006  12:39 AM
Author:  PeterRabit Number:  962106 of 2204219

Links which describe how US soldiers with the help of buddies plotted the rape and murder of a 14 year-old Iraqi girl and her family, and how the girl's family tried to protect her by having her sleep somewhere else.

As I was saying (before I was so rudely interrupted):

Is this not Hell?

To live in a country where you must pass through checkpoints manned by foreign soldiers and to know, KNOW, that attracting the attention of those soldiers to a 14-year-old girl is a very dangerous thing.

We created this Hell. Or more accurately George Bush did.

Now consider the effect this has on the so-called "war on terror." The
only chance we have of "winning' this war on Islamic fanatics is to earn the approval and support of the moderate Muslims.

How many tens of millions of moderate Muslims just turned against us because of this rape of a girl (waiting for the MSM to stop calling her a women) and the cold-blooded murder of her family.

Iraq had nothing to do with ObL and 9/11 but now our occupation and terrorization of Iraq is the single largest factor working against us.

Lacking certain knowledge of a Biblical Hell, let us at least sentence George W. Bush to roam the dusty roads of Iraq begging forgiveness.


P.S. Now do you think some fine upstanding PA regular FA'd my original post because they are concerned about DMCA violations? Or because they don't like to see my opinion out there?

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