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Subject:  Re: Bond Brokers & Bond Desks Date:  7/20/2006  11:34 AM
Author:  imdajunkman Number:  17601 of 35870

Just curious... are you saying that you don't invest in stocks at all?


No stocks. None at all.

Well, that's not entirely true, as things never are. I own 68 shares of TRMP that came to me as part of a Chapter 11 workout. The deal was either a combination of cash/new debt/equity for old debt, or cash for old debt, or new debt for old debt, and I chose cash. But E*Trade screwed up with the paperwork, as they did for several hundred accounts on that re-org, and I ended up with the default choice. So, I own some Trump stock. I also own some E*Trade stock, 127 shares that came to me when I did a con