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Subject:  Re: Bond Brokers & Bond Desks Date:  7/20/2006  4:50 PM
Author:  imdajunkman Number:  17610 of 35834


My respect for you is reciprocal. You do good, careful work. If what I said doesn't make sense to you, then it likely doesn't make sense to me, either, or anyone else. Not a problem.

A better restatement might be: Is this particular bond riskier than that particular stock? Answering that question depends on defining "risk". But I'm going to do the cowardly thing of not going there and simply report my own experience. I'm a crap stock investor, but I'm a decent bond investor. In my own life, for my own purposes, bonds provide me with rewards that aren't inferior to what the rearview-looking theorists say I could achieve for myself in stocks, which is why I made the appeal to mutual funds. Call the broad stock market “normal risk”. Back off one notch and call that ”conservative”. Compare conservative to multi-spectrum and what do you see? Equivalent risks and equivalent returns. A 100% bond portfolio is unusual. blearynet asked about it. I attempted a reply. If I misspoke, my apologies.

There is a serous issue here, buried very deep in myths and assumptions, that “bonds are safer than stocks”, and people steer themselves (or get steered) toward one or another on the basis of a whole bunch of factors, some of which serve the interests of financial middlemen (the brokers, advisors, planners, academics, etc.) more than real-life Joe's trying to move a few dollars of savings forward in time for when they do need its undiminis