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Subject:  Re: Bond Brokers & Bond Desks Date:  7/21/2006  6:20 PM
Author:  DeltaOne81 Number:  17639 of 36218

But I'm going to do the cowardly thing of not going there and simply report my own experience. I'm a crap stock investor, but I'm a decent bond investor. In my own life, for my own purposes, bonds provide me with rewards that aren't inferior to what the rearview-looking theorists say I could achieve for myself in stocks, which is why I made the appeal to mutual funds.

Very wise, as always. Very Buffett even. You're talking about circle of competence.

When you do something that you don't know what you're talking about or looking out, mathematical levels of risk are meaningless.

By no means was my comment in any way intended to change anyone's investing behavior. And risk is absolutely is relative - relative to each individual and their skills.

All I was pointing out is that you seemed to say 'bonds are safer because...', and then went out to say about how bonds weren't really safer and could produce equal returns.

The fact is, with your skill set, that probably makes a lot of sense. But I just felt like it was worth pointing out so others may not be unintentionally misled that they should expect equal returns with bonds and stocks.

The question you ask, the challenge you made, could be explored, and explored productively. But, at bottom, no matter how restated, it's not an interesting question to me. I really don't give a fig whether bonds as a category, however defined, are “riskier” than stocks, however defined.

That's another way to put it ;)

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