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Subject:  Re: New Lifestyle funds Date:  7/25/2006  11:41 AM
Author:  KudieM Number:  14 of 93

It does make sense, but yeah, when I think about it myself, my head wants to explode, too! When I write it out it makes more sense, but then seeing a more competent person analyze it for me, brings it that much clearer! Thanks a bunch.

I'm not so far off from you. I'm 40 and just hit 15 years in service a couple of weeks ago. I reach MRA at 57 and change, but rounded to an even 20 years to retirement to account for paying my house off b4 I retire.

I hadn't thought about the pension at all, but you're right, even if in the future they change the rules for pensions, they usually change it for new hires, much like they did when they went from CSRS to FERS so I probably should add that to my calculations. I've been ignoring it much like I have social security, trying to make sure I can take care of myself by myself and leaving everything (pension and social