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Subject:  Audio books & MP3 player Date:  8/1/2006  3:16 AM
Author:  AKJayhawk Number:  898 of 918

Good evening,

I use my mp3 player primarily for audio books. I usually get unabridged books on CD (mostly used, but some new) from a large local bookstore. Convert them to mp3 using Musicmatch and then transfer to my player, an iRiver 395 (flash, 512 MB).

Looking for a recommendation for a new mp3 device -- specifically trying to find something non-ipod, flash based and at least 2 GB in size. I bought a SanDisk Sansa c150, but returned it.

Two things about it led me to that: first, when I transferred an audio book it wouldn't keep the tracks in the right order, even though they were sorted and named properly (Title Disc 01, Track 01, etc) in Windows Explorer. It kept sorting all the track 01s, then 02s, and so on.

Second, it wouldn't remember where it was in the middle of a track. Anytime I had to stop in the middle of a track and then resume, it would restart at the beginning of the track. Depending on how the audio book is broken into tracks, that could be several minutes backwards.

I really like the way my iRiver functions, but their 2 GB flash player (Clix) seems to be more going for the PSP/video functionality (it plays games and such). It seems to be quite a bit of a departure from the 395. They make one that appears to have similar functionality to my current player (T10), but it only comes in 1GB and costs as much as other players with 2-4GB. I want something with at least 2 GB so that I can load an entire audio book (usually about 300-500 MB at 64kbps sampling) and have some music available as well.

So, have any ideas for a good mp3 player to use with audio books?

Finally, is there a better way to buy audio books -- maybe buying them online and downloading them already in mp3 format? I looked at, but the cost structure seemed too much compared to what I currently pay for books on CD, and it appears to be a proprietary format as well(?).

Appreciate any recommendations on either subject.

• Jeff
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