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Subject:  Re: Don't worry about boomers killing the market Date:  8/3/2006  12:00 PM
Author:  gamingfool Number:  52927 of 88053

You clearly missed the domination part of the "muslim domination" I wrote about. The major difference between islam and all the other religions you list is that only the islamics are currently attempting to force their "religious" views on others.

I did no such thing. You made the leap from "muslim domination" to "muslim country". Not all muslims or muslim nations are trying to force their views on others. Turkey is a modern secular muslim nation that doesn't rely on religious fascism to maintain their governmental system. Their "religious right" is roughly analgous to the same political group in America only founded on islamic principles rather than christian ones.

Christians have tried this in the past, and even now try to get laws passed which force others into Christian morality, but have outgrown forcable conversions, imposting the death penalty on apostates, extra taxes on non-believers, and the current muslim specialty of death to infidels.

Explain to me how christians getting laws passed that force other people to live by christian moral values is any different than "forcable conversions" ?

Christ's message hinges on individuals making a choice to serve God. If just living according to a set of laws were good enough He wouldn't have needed to come the first time.

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