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Subject:  Re: Jimmy Cracked Corn and He Don't Care Date:  8/20/2006  9:12 PM
Author:  TMFSpeck Number:  984457 of 2210308

"the saddest thing about this old man is that he actually does seem to “represent a significant wing of the Democrat Party today which hates its own country, hates President Bush, and hates people of religion.”

Sadder still is that this is the sort of disingenuous, ignorant remark that seems to pass as fact these days.

Carter loved his country enough to serve as a sailor, a Governor, a President. Not that much different from GWB, the latter's suspect service in TANG notwithstanding.

Far from "hat[ing] people of religion", Jimmy Carter is deeply religious and still involved in Bible studies in his church. It's just that he finds using religion as a truncheon against those who would disagree with the government deeply offensive.

And there are many Democrats, including myself, who don't "hate Bush", but hate what he has come to represent -- an important distinction.

Say what you will about Carter, but country-hating, anti-religious Bush hater is so far from the truth as to be comical.

I would take that "old man" over the current President in a heartbeat.


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