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Subject:  Re: t.Retirement won't happen for me Date:  8/22/2006  11:53 AM
Author:  FCorelli Number:  53274 of 88820

Now, would these very professional juries be Government officials like the DMV or the Post Office? Or would they be private enterrpises like Halliburton and Walmart. Would they be paid enough to attract really smart, interested, civic minded people? Or would they be obtained for the lowest "market rate"? (You get what you pay for) Would they be paid a lot like the "professional class" they are? Or would they be paid too much and thus be lazy and perfunctory like civil servants or Teamsters? These matters go far deeper than economics and a mere technnical slapping of the system.

Nobody's entitled to a jury of their peers, just a jury selected from the place the "crime" was committed. Just like nobody is presumed innocent until proven guilty. That concept is little more than a jury instruction as to how to weigh evidence. In fact you are presumed guilty first. That's why the poh-leece come for you and why you are on trial. They are assuming you "did it". (And if you get exonerated would that be because you are not gulty? Or because of stupid unprofessional "dull-blade" juries...? Or a jury that got paid and saw it ony as a way or making money? Wow what a cool job! Or got paid too little and attracted a "bad crowd"? Like the DMV and Teamsters)


I for one would like to see paid professional juries in civil cases, which have some basic training in law and legal principles. Such juries would be more likely to judge based on fact and law than on emotion, I think.

We agree!!! Juries of people with some knowledge and training would be ideal, instead of always whoever will serve! Too often, I fear, many people work to escape jury duty, leaving only... what?

I've been horrified sometimes to read of some of the settlements issued by "a jury of our peers", as highlighted by one special in particular about Mississippi, where judgments against pharmacists and pharmaceutical companies had been so extreme that some companies were no longer willing to deliver drugs there! (The "peers" were just hoping they'd get THEIR turn one day to get rich!)


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