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Subject:  Re: A Small Example of Medical Costs Date:  9/3/2006  9:14 PM
Author:  medgoddess Number:  27963 of 45848

I suffered a non-life threatening and not even particularly serious injury Aug. 12 and was taken by an ambulance
So you chose to go via ambulance.

Last week I was shocked to receive a bill from a private ambulance firm in Buffalo, NY, I had never heard of before. I just assumed the ambulance was a New York City police function, paid for by me and other local taxpayers
And I'm guessing you didn't give them your insurance info (BTW, I have never heard of an ambulance company not leaving the ER without this info). And the word assume...hmmm. Never a good idea.

The lawyer who lives next door told me he received an $800 bill for a four-block ride in an ambulance after a minor foot injury in New Jersey before he was a lawyer. He ignored the bill and never paid it, and suffered no legal or financial consequences despite receiving bills for a year after the event.
Despite actually using the service rendered. I don't care if you feel it's overpriced, you USED the service. Sigh, that's part of overhead, dealing with deadbeats.

Prices would certainly come down and a short trip that costs $10 in a taxi wouldn't cost $500+ in a "private" ambulance.
Let's see, 2 drivers that are certified (far more so than any taxi driver that I'm aware of), the medicolegal joys (yes, EMTs get sued too), medical equipment that I know no taxi has, the cost of the vehicle itself, inspections that taxis aren't subject to; I can see why taking an ambulance may be more expensive than a taxi.

Well, not this person.
I'm not paying, period.

Than why did you agree to the ambulance if you had self-diagnosed a minor injury?

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