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Subject:  Re: Rich Dad, Dumb Dad? Date:  9/6/2006  12:16 PM
Author:  AlejandroOrtiz Number:  266 of 281

"The RK 'redefinition' causes people to think. It challenges conventional wisdom so that people can see things differently."

Absolutely, It reminds me of something I have learned from one of my heroes, Bruce Lee. He taught, "using no way as way, having no limitation as limitation."

"Using no way as way" means do not presuppose a way. Be in the moment. Be present. Be open to the moment in which you find yourself.

"Having no limitation as limitation" means keep an open mind. Do not limit yourself or your thinking. Do not let your beliefs or your style limit your experience or the possibilities.

As Bruce lee himself said, "Where there is a way, their lies the limitation."

Bruce Lee re-defined the martial arts and fought thousands of years of conventional thinking.

Therefore, I feel this discussion is not just about Kiyosaki. It's about being challenged. Accounting is still accounting and 1 + 1 still equals 2. However, when you close your mind you close your opportunities.


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