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Subject:  Re: pensions and such over 50 Date:  9/13/2006  5:34 PM
Author:  tmeri Number:  987 of 1845

I suspect that there are still some women out there who may well not be aware of the family financial details

I'm sure that's true. I think where we're disagreeing here is that I'm saying this can be known. You are looking at whether people actually know the facts.

A financial education is something everyone should endeavor to acquire. I remember a few years ago my Congressman repeatedly overdrew his Congressional bank account. When confronted with his misuse of the privilege, his excuse was, "They should have told me I was overdrawn."

I didn't buy his excuse. I don't buy the excuse of "I didn't know my spouse's pension would end when he died" either. To me it is about the same level of education as the checking account issue. Perhaps you think the pension thing is more advanced than that. I accept that not everyone will find it as fundamental as I do, and we can agree to disagree there, if you will.

Well, feel free to blame the survivor then.

What a very rude remark. I am not in any way blaming the survivor. Your assertion that I am is an unjustifiable attempt to smear me.

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