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Subject:  Re: TIAA-CREF Reports Error Date:  9/27/2006  10:49 AM
Author:  Lokicious Number:  41 of 57

Hi (other) Ken.

I think you need to check very carefully what Fidelity has available, and what the costs are, for yoou 403 (b) plan. It may be different, and more expensive, than the Fidelity expense ratios and options for taxable and IRA accounts. I know the expense ratios for variable annuities at Vanguard (e.g., for a Total Stock Market Index Fund equivalent) are comparable to TIAA-Cref's, i.e., about 25 basis points more than more a taxable account or IRA (.44%, Cref's is .43%). And, even in the Supplemental, TIAA-Traditional is a good option to have available, if you can't get access to CDs or free Treasury auctions.

Traditional IRAs seem to be a much better deal than employer sponsored plans, even the better employer sponsored plans, which TIAA-Cref is. Of course, that assumes you aren't stupid and use the greater flexibility to day trade or something.

What I'm looking at is not changing employer sponsored plan providers. I'm looking at getting out of the plan and into a Traditional IRA, co