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Subject:  Re: Why should we care? Date:  10/3/2006  7:14 PM
Author:  oncqueen Number:  3119 of 8283

RE: Nothing against the leader or the Fool, but what good is this to me? If we could somehow find actual companies to buy I'd be excited, but I can't figure how this can make me money.

Dear Tom,

I don't think you SHOULD necessarily care so much about the "gamesmanship" aspect that seems so prevalent in recent posts, and can be off-putting (There are people who have put in a LOT of time on this, and so naturally may be very invested in the best ways to measure score, etc).

BUT I very much think that this thing can be used to make money!! And I think that the magazine write up (link a few posts back), that suggests that a bunch of Fools could never come up with anything better than "professional" analysts, is off track. Here's why:

While it is true that some will pick by "piling on" TMF Eldrehad's coattails, some will be beginners, and some will just lob darts at the stock pages, there will be 2 kinds of folks who will emerge that I plan to follow. One will be those who are scary good overall at valuation, timing, and knowing when the "herd instinct" is wrong. The other particularly interests me: insiders in a particular industry (not company), who know that biz and will spot things that are taking off. With their knowledge of whatever business they are in, they will be able to tell what is going to be "real world good" and what is over-hyped. I look on this as a very deep "hidden gem mine." (I love Hidden Gems but there are only so many of them per issue).

I know nothing about oil or computers or fashion, but I am darned good in my field and can tell what has widespread application and staying power, what is an "also-ran," and what is "gee-whiz" but will only have minimal use because the disea