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Subject:  Re: relaistic budget for baby2b? Date:  10/13/2006  8:29 AM
Author:  bookaholic Number:  958 of 974

I think some of that is a bit high. Try cloth diapers for one thing. You can always use disposables for going out of the house and/or at night if you want to. If you use mostly cloth diapers, I doubt you will spend $100 per month washing them. Estimate one small washer load per day. I washed mine in warm water with a drop of bleach. I didn't even soak them--just rinsed them in the toilet sometimes if they were really nasty, kept them in a covered bucket and dumped them straight from the bucket into the washer.

And, baby laundry is not that big a deal if you stock up on lots of yard-sale or consignment onesies and t-shirts so that you don't have to wash every day. Babies also don't have to wear clean clothes all the time. You can wash their clothes every couple of days, and just throw them in the laundry with all the other things unless your baby shows some sensitivity to detergent. (Using minimal detergent and setting the washer for an extra rinse cycle can help with that, too.)

I'm not sure breastfeeding costs $25 extra per month, either. What would be paying for, exactly? More food for mom? But you have food down as a separate category. Once baby starts to eat solids, other than baby cereal for when they are starting out, you don't have to buy anything special for them. Just mash up whatever you are eating for dinner, for the most part.

Good on you for budgeting for a college fund right from the start. I sure wish we had done that!

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