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Subject:  More on the rumors of a buyout Date:  10/13/2006  10:41 AM
Author:  KudieM Number:  5902 of 5910

So, can anyone comment on these possible scenarios and evaluate the likelihood of any of them:

1-COMS shares will go down b/c they'll have to pay more for a bigger stake in H-3C if a bidding war gets going. The only thing going for COMS right now seems to be it's cash pile, it's not making any $$$ w/o H-3C so I don't feel it can let a private firm scoop up a significant portion of it. Can it?

2-Private firms do come in and scoop up a big share and force or try to force some possitive changes at COMS to make it profitable for the sake of the joint venture.

3-This is covered in the article. Huawei just wants more for H-3C so is using the private funds as sort of an appraisal service to hedge on COMS.

4-One of these private equity funds comes in and buys us all out and we go home with a few extra chinckles in our pockets.

On 1- I don't like the thought of pushing profitability out further for COMS. They haven't made $$$ since I've owned them but seem to be on the brink of it now, so if it gets pushed out another couple or few quarters, I'm not totally bent out of shape, just not real happy either.

On 2- If it forces a turnaround at COMS w/in a year, cool, if not, I'll sell and move on.

On 3- I don't like this play. COMS paying more for less of a stake. If I owned Huawei, I'd let it go, but I don't, so I think this is bad for COMS-only owners.

On 4-Cha ching! Yay! hehehe

Anyway, just my personal $.02. I'd love to hear others' takes. Cheers!
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