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Subject:  Re: More on the rumors of a buyout Date:  10/13/2006  2:31 PM
Author:  bigdoginvestor Number:  5903 of 5910

Anyway, just my personal $.02. I'd love to hear others' takes. Cheers!

....actually, as I recall from last week, it's your personal $5.12 (per share)......

I think you've pretty much sussed the 4 most likely outcomes, Kudie. Since I got out last week at nearly my original buy price I no longer have a dog in this fight, but.......

....I VERY RARELY would sell at a loss. you're already in the game at $5.12. If I was in your position I'd just sit on in for a while and see what comes of this ongoing, rolling buyout rumor. You may in fact get lucky and be able to ka-ching! the register at a gain in a near future.

If not, just hang in there until COMS crawls back to your 5.12 buy price and pull the plug on it........again, 3 CEOS in a 10-month span signals major internal issues at COMS - in addition to the known issues.

There are plenty of better (and also safer) equities out there IMHO....

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