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Subject:  Retirement in Mexico? Date:  10/22/2006  1:18 PM
Author:  pedorrero Number:  1012 of 1701

Heck, perhaps an on-topic post.

There many well be another board in TMF for this, does anyone know? I don't often search for new boards; right now you are "blessed" with my company, me having found Retire Well On Less.

Anyway...what follows is a brief article on the possibility of retiring into Latin America.

Although I'm an "Anglo," I have a strong attachment to Latin America, probably because I lived there as a young child (but not in Mexico). Studying Spanish for a few years in school helped, and also several trips over the recent years.

I've toyed with the idea of living there for a few years. Like any subject, there are plenty of books. A good one is 'Choose Mexico for Retirement' now in like its 9th edition.

Anyway, the best reasons to live there are probably because (1) the climate is a lot better, depending on your definition of better and (most important to Pedorerro, who is a greedy individual). (2) It's CHEAP!!!

How much cheaper depends on a lot of factors. Sounds as though it can be done at 1/2 or so of the US prices, overall. This is particularly appealing when your income is scraping $20K. !!!

Lately I've been concentrating on the Yucatan (Cancun) area of Mexico for my trips. This is the most heavily touristed part of Mexico (the penninsula, not just Cancun.) While a lavish oceanside condo is a bit over Mr. Pedorrero's budget, there are cheaper places to live. Unlike the USA, with its abominable public transit system, Mexico has good service, primarily by Bus. In the case of Cancun, the discening pinch-penny like me, whether tourist or resident, can ride the same $0.50 bus to and from a modest hotel or hostel downtown where the working-class Mexicans live.

Contact with other Americans. Some areas have more retirees than others. Cancun probably doesn't have a lot of residents, although there are ex-pat communities in local cities like Merida or Cozumel. I gravitate more to culture, I guess I'm getting older (45). Drunken half-naked college co-eds dancing on tables has a certain apeal, but I seem to lean more to the quieter forms of entertainment nowadays. Also, I don't have to compete with the drunken college