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Subject:  Re: How babies save you money Date:  10/30/2006  9:41 AM
Author:  IndecisiveFool Number:  27325 of 42425

Absolutely. DW was at the top of her game when she took her leave of absence (and eventual resignation). Being out of the work force for a few years will have a negative effect on her career, without a doubt. If money, DW's career, our home and lifestyle all meant more to us than our boy, I assume that we'd consider the same options as many of you. But it isn't, and we won't.

After waiting 11 days to respond to my post, you drop this bomb on the board. In your previous post, you asked why people on this board are so defensive. You are playing the innocent poster game when what you are doing is intentionally trying to stir up people whom you disagree with their lifestyle. I almost feel for your bait this weekend when I first saw your post pop up on my replies. If you want to feel morally superior to many of us, I'm not going to darken your illusion. I'll just reflect back on a my weekend.

This weekend, my daughter was in a soccer tournament. She was recruited by another team to be a guest player. Other than a wet field for the first game, you couldn't ask for a better time to play. It was sunny and temperatures were in the high 60s. Not only did my daughter have a good tournament on th