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Subject:  Re: Advice to SIL Date:  11/5/2006  6:41 AM
Author:  Travelmercy Number:  18742 of 36218

I usually don't read this board, but have been going through it today to get some insight on what to do with a 30 yr GNMA bond I inherited. I get the feeling on this board that everyone is down on the stock market (I know I am on a "bond" board). Words like "speculating" or "dangerous". Going to work in the more is dangerous (esp if you live where I do).

Also, the comment above, "...why most attempts to beat the stock market lose..." (sorry I can't figure how to italize.)

I thought the Motley Fool was built on beating the stock market? I have a stock advisor subscription and am very happy with what I have been able to do with their help. And if their figures are correct all of their services e.g. Stock Advisor, Hidden Gens are stock based and beat the market. So why so down on the market? Is it really such a horrible beast?

That said - I deeply respect most of what I have read on this board. You guys are a lot smarter than me - that is one of the reasons I am here and also why I am puzzled.

Back to my original reason for being here - I am reading through this board is to figure what to do with a 30 yr $40,000 GNMA bond at 5.25% I have inherited. With the market historically getting a 10 to 11 % return why do I settle for a 5.25% return on a bond?
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