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Subject:  Re: Debt Hell in Oct Date:  11/7/2006  1:06 PM
Author:  SoccerDad9998 Number:  240703 of 310780

Long update:

Honda 2005 Pilot
It has a $2,000 extended 120k mile warranty that might have already been voided with no receipts and not following the required maintenance schedule. I will find out what the Honda cost for the 15k service is for the 19k Honda and then we will take it in and beg them to sign and catch it up to date. There appears to be a maintenance indicator on the Honda that can be set by Honda. Man, it really looks like they either want you to bring your auto for all work into Honda or keep extremely detailed records.

Her stress is through the roof. This is a bunch of change and a bunch of talk about change that is really getting to her. She said she was scared about applying for Super Target (never having had a real paying job in over 13 years). She is very worried about house, Honda, trust, debt and when I sent her the life insurance information she just about had a panic attack. So, I need to give DW a little time to process everything. I let it go that she had found a creative way to spend her last $20 - steam clean the carpets. This is very frustrating for me because she found a way to spend the last $20 and we bought an over-priced Kirby because she said it could do everything (including steam clean) and now she is borrowing her friends steam cleaner and has to buy something with the $20 for the steamer. I also find out that she got an extra $20 from her mom - just in case and used mom's gas card. These are not good signs. But, she is making progress and I think a little patience is in order here.

Final Details of DW trust
Please understand that when I first started to post that DW said "ok - get some help with the credit cards and debt - but, leave the trust out of it - leave me out of it (except for cash budget) - nobody's business and we can not get any money from the trust anyway". Neither DW nor I expected that selling the Honda or selling the house to be some of the first solutions when first asking for help. I also did not expect to go into much detail about DW accident - but, many people pointed out the psychology, DW not being on-board and so on. So, I was really trying to respect DW's wishes and always posted with the anticipation that DW would read this. As I previously posted - she did not approve at all about the level of detail I went into. But, the cat is out of the bag and I now see that you guys are not going to be able to best support or advise me without the final details and the remaining dots connected. DW approved this final update with the mandate that it would be the last details and anything else about her condition or trust would have to be referred to in a much more generally way. For me - many of these dots just connected in the past few days. I really was starting to make plans to sell the Honda when