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Subject:  Pitching CAPS Date:  11/10/2006  7:11 AM
Author:  wax Number:  30 of 182

First off, several weeks ago I asked about the future of CAPS. As you will see, I got no response. So if this question could be answered I would appreciate it.

Secondly, there was an article this morning highlighing CAPS. The article, written by Tim Hanson is a promotional piece for CAPS. Here's a link.

What I found strange was the time horizon for the blue chips the article year. I just thought that an odd time horizon for a blue chip but that's just me.

At any rate the article invites prospective CAPS users to provide their thoughts on which of the listed blue chips should be selected as the blue chip poster stock for 2007 by joining CAPS.

I have been around Fooldom for a very long time, and in all that time I have become quite used to an associated discussion board. CAPS is not like that.

There is this discussion board and there is the feedback discussion board. Other than that....just individual "pitches". And that's the part that is very confusing to me about CAPS.

If I make a pitch for a stock who sees it? How do they see it? What if I'm the only one that has picked that particular stock?