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Subject:  Re: Pitching CAPS Date:  11/10/2006  11:58 AM
Author:  TMFBreakerDan Number:  31 of 182

Hey Wax,

Here's a supercharged FAQ that was on the help board and it has an anwswer to your question.

The answer is basically that TMF has NO intention of making the current version of CAPS a "for pay" service, but may in the future add premium services and/or features to their CAPS pages. These features would be for pay.

I have to respsectfully disagree with your conclusions that CAPS is "not a normal Foolish experience" and that CAPS has "no platform for social interaction." In CAPS you have the Foolish community all congregating in the same virtual space, picking stocks for all to see, sharing information through pitches, replying to pitches, and CAPS now offers the ability to send private emails to each other. There also is a limited but growing number of CAPS relates boards.

As far as people seeing pitches - the pitches can be seen by visiting your CAPS page, by scrolling down through the list of pitches when viewing a stock (which can be organized by date of pitches or # of recs.) Of course, some pitches will be much more visible than others and pitches made on less visible stocks will be seen by fewer people. The more effort people put into their pitches, the more educational, amusing and enriching the pitches are the more they will be recc'd and the more visibility they will receive. Also, one can enhance their communal experience by locating Fools they like and naming them "favorite" players. So, if you have 5 Fools you enjoy communicating with, just go to their pages, find the link that says "add to favorites" (forget exact wording) and then it becomes easy to track their picks, read their pitches and communicate with them.

The key thing you need to keep in mind is - go slow, take your time and have some fun walking through the service and fiddling with it. I believe it is all ready much more Foolishly communal than you realize. Also, a critical point to remember is - this product is brand new, still in the Beta version and, in time, I am certain will become more Foolishly communal than anything we've ever seen.

Another critical thing to realize is the purpose of CAPS - to help you, the individual investor - beat the market. I strongly encourage you to think of some stocks you're interested in purchasing, and then to go to the CAPS pages of those stocks and view the # of bulls and # of bears. View all the pitches on those stocks