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Subject:  Re: MOL: FIRE Passions Date:  11/23/2006  2:54 AM
Author:  tlswms Number:  319502 of 876335

What a fun thread. I pop in here every few days to see what's being talked about but have only posted infrequently. I was inspired to join the Fool only when I got to seriously thinking of retirement a couple years back - and what a useful and rewarding decision it was.

I've been giving a lot of consideration to what will fire me when I've FIRE'd in about 4 years….wouldn't be near as comfortable with that timeline had I not stumbled upon this place and drunk from the wisdom of the folks on this board and others on the Fool – so, thank you to all is the first thing to say.

I've been living overseas in the developing world primarily for the past 10+ years - twice in Africa (West then Central), once in S. America and now in Central Asia. The years away from home make me long for it – the quiet sense of security and simple abundance most of all.

I think I'll just hang out on the deck of our cabin nestled in the Black Hills for the first year or – just soak in the quiet beauty. Watching the weather like catmeyoo and wondering at the spectacular dance of wind and light. We're up above a mile high and have a view unfettered by any sign of humanity. I've thought of wiring it to be able to live off the grid – really want to explore alt. energy options there and more broadly.

Interests in animal welfare will get more attention. The joy available from helping an innocent animal is nourishing to the soul. The idea of joining up with rescue missions like those spearheaded by Best Friends outta Utah is really appealing – their recent adventure to war-torn Lebanon is gonna be on network TV they said in a recent mass email – their efforts in the wake of Katrina were heartwarming.

Poker is a fascination for me. Always enjoyed playing and the national phenomenon of Texas hold em has re-ignited my interest. Online is a bore – but the dynamic at a table can be invigorating. Deadwood, of HBO fame and where wild Bill Hickok met his fate at a poker table, is actually the town nearest us in the Black Hills – so, I'm looking forwarded to making the trip into town from time to time. When I was home this past summer I played 3 tournaments and won 2 of them – inflated my ego to bursting – but, it's under control…really.

Native American studies and genealogy get lumped together – not because I have any tribal blood – but, I did have great grandparents that staked a claim there in the 1870s gold rush days…and the Black Hills is a sacred place for the Lakota (it's always struck me that way too) and so worthy of study. Didn't know about the grandparents history there when I discovered the Black Hills about a dozen years ago – it was just synchronicity as MichaelR put it. Have an interest in visiting places where forebears have tread – kind of odd in that we're childless and thus endeth our branch of the tree. May figure that out someday….another thing that I like thinking I may do is volunteer as a big brother sort and it feels like that ties in here too but I don't believe in psycho analysis much so I don't want to think about it…

Lastly – as so many have commented on active pursuits I've been re-inspired to re-dedicate myself to making an effort at more routine physical exercise…this needs to begin now to carry me thru to our FIRE date in the health such a milestone deserves!

Thanks for listening and Happy T-day - Tom

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