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Subject:  Re: Whafa's CraigsList Brain Dump for Erik Date:  11/29/2006  6:57 PM
Author:  LovesChocolate Number:  29553 of 32852

Actually, it was someone else's post, so how would Chaconne know who, if anyone, the OP was assuming would pay for dinner?

We all know that the man has to pay for the dinner. Or he at least has to offer to pay for the dinner.

How often do you invite a man out to dinner, your treat? Women want the man to invite you out, and offer to pay for the dinner. In all the dating you have ever done, which I assume is a lot, how many times have you invited out a man in whom you had a romantic interest, and paid for the dinner? What percentage of times do you think it happens with respect to the general population of women?

Note: If you agreed to pay for the dinner, or split the check, because you had decided you were NOT romantically interested in the man, then it doesn't count. That's just the woman's way of signaling to the man not to expect any quid pro quo.

Really, are you trying to say that women should not be able to choose when and with whom they have sex? Is that your point here?

Not at all. My point is that you females should admit that it is your choice, only your choice, you know full well it is your choice, and you women constantly use that prerogative to your advantage in the battle of the sexes. But you also pretend it is NOT your choice, when it suits you. When you get drunk and screw, and do the walk of shame the next morning, is that ever the woman's fault? No, it's always the man's fault. The man got the woman drunk. The man seduced the woman.

Also, if it's always the woman's choice, then please don't pretend that a man who expects sex in exchange for buying a woman dinner is at fault. This situation is set up by the woman. It's her choice. You said so, didn't you?

If the choice of whether to have sex is the woman's, and I agree with you that it is, then obviously the woman is the one