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Subject:  Re: Whafa's CraigsList Brain Dump for Erik Date:  11/30/2006  1:12 PM
Author:  sofaking6 Number:  29562 of 32852

How often do you invite a man out to dinner, your treat? Women want the man to invite you out, and offer to pay for the dinner. In all the dating you have ever done, which I assume is a lot, how many times have you invited out a man in whom you had a romantic interest, and paid for the dinner? What percentage of times do you think it happens with respect to the general population of women

I don't generally invite men out for dinner, I'm usually the invitee. But unless I know I like someone I always insist on going Dutch. I sort of feel like if a man buys me dinner then he's buying a part of me, or something. I don't like it. I buy dinner for my boyfriend all the time, it just depends who has cash when we go out.

My female friends have always been professionals. I know very few who insist on having dates paid for even if they're the ones asked. But,