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Subject:  MicroCap Challenge 2007 Date:  12/22/2006  5:25 PM
Author:  sahfee Number:  2901 of 3296

Trading is allowed. Here are the rules for anyone interested in entering:

We will use the Globe Investor site and each person will be responsible for their entries. Each of us will enter our buy sell data and it will remain recorded on the Globe Investor site. To trade one can sell one stock and then buy another stock with the proceeds ( the amount reflecting proceeds should equal the amount reflecting cost).

There is no deadline. The final reckoning will use closing prices on January 11 2008.


1-stocks of companies with less than or around 200 million $CAD market cap are acceptable

2-US or Canadian long stock positions or cash are valid

3-up to 3 entries per person are valid

4-there will be a link to the MicroCap Challenge under announcements on the right. Please use this thread for posting trades for the Challenge. Once posted on this thread the trade can be entered at the Globe website.

5-$5 CAD fee for each trade($4 USD for each trade)

6-For subsequent trades first sell all shares of one stock (in 1 or more trades) and then use the proceeds the same day or at a later date to buy another stock. The total proceeds from the sale of a stock must be used to buy 1 and only 1 stock. It's important to keep the 3 trading threads separate. If at some point you sell one of your entries the proceeds cannot be used to add to your position in another one of your entries.

8-We each have 3 chances at winning if we enter 3 stocks. We are not calculating average gains for this competition.

9-If there has been no significant change with the company(news release, earnings release, article,etc)since the last trading session then you can use the last closing price before you posted the stock on this board. If there has been a significant change with the company then use the next closing price after you posted the stock on this board.

The Globe site keeps the Canadian and US stocks separate in the portfolio. A simple click on the %portfolio column shows which stock entries are in top spot. Check out both the US and Canadian sections to determine the winners. Stocks which have been sold will not be in the portfolio anymore but their gains or losses will be rolled into the subsequent choice.


INSTRUCTIONS for entering data at the Globe Investor site:

go to

click on 'member centre' at very top right(If you already have a membership at the globe site and your computer remembers your login info you will need to logout first)

log in as 'tmfcanuck' wit