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Subject:  Re: The Net Worth of American Households Date:  1/7/2007  6:01 PM
Author:  spiritof78 Number:  19326 of 36218

Whats your source on the 2.2 trillion estimate? Are you including all spending on Iraq, Afghanistan and Homeland defense? Because the numbers on Iraq itself which is the country/war I assume your referring to. In fact I'm pretty sure that all spending might even all short of this. Is your number a broad projection of reset costs on equipment?

The most reliable estimate of total cost I have seen is $378 Billion. Definatly expensive and illustrated at the link below but nowhere close to 2.2 trillion.

This site is actually from an Anti-war group and includes a list of other things that $378 billion could have been spent on. None the less their accounting seemed pretty solid to me.

Total lifetime costs may well end of up in the Trillion range when you count reset cost and deferred expenses (like VA benefits to War wounded etc.).

As far as so-called terrorists you can effectivly debate weather or not we brought them to Iraq with the invasion or not. You can argue intelligently that the War is couter-productive to the overall goal of reducing terrorism or the threat to US interests from Islamic Jihad. Being on the ground in Baghdad though I can definatly assert that there are terrorists here. The overall problem has shifted towards a Sectarian Civil War or Sectarian violence depending on whose wording you would like to use. That doesnt mean that Islamic Terrorist Groups are not operating frequently in Iraq.

Are you creating more terrorists than your killing capturing? Is a question for statemen and in general the whole country to answer. Once again though being on the ground in this country I can tell you there are indeed terrorists here.
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