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Subject:  Re: I've begun Date:  1/14/2007  9:10 AM
Author:  TMFDj Number:  4005 of 5232

So, I have no house payment, one car note, no debts and a good, working budget. With some luck I should make 50 as my early retire date. I have to squeeze a bit more out of my income to make that happen but I think it is possilbe.

Hi, Fred. It's nice to see you post over here.

In your post, you mentioned twice your perceived poor decisions. STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP!

First, your decisions probably made good sense with the information you had at the time. It's only in retrospect that you think they were poor. Add those decisions and their consequences to your book of lessons learned, and move on.

Second, there are many informed people who would make the same decisions you made. In other words, your decisions were not terrible. If you want to read examples of terrible decisions, just look through some of the posts on the Living Below Your Means or My Dumbest Investments discussion boards.

Third, from what I've seen from your posts on TMF's discussion boards, you're an intelligent and thoughtful person, and not given over to wonton frivolity. Cut yourself a little slack. Some frivolity is what makes life worth living; otherwise we'd all live in cardboard boxes under overpasses and have seven-figure checking accounts.

I know you know this stuff, but for other readers, start with a financial plan. Then pick an asset allocation strategy to support your plan. Next implement your asset allocation strategy. Finally rebalance your portfolio to comply with your asset allocation strategy every other or every third year.

David Jacobs
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